Facebook photos and graphics disappeared [Solved]

What’s going on? This morning facebook was displaying just fine and all of a sudden the graphics and photos completely disappeared. I cleared my cache and signed out of the site and back on with no result. I opened in Wyzo and it displays fine there.

Hi Cyberfox007,
Try disabling Comodo secure DNS if you have it enabled.
See here for more information on Facebook issues.

If it still has problems try disabling Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) if you have it enabled.
Menu, Settings, Show advanced settings, under privacy.

I don’t secure Comodo DNS enabled and I had unchecked the suppress HTTP Referrer box as well because I had read that on another post. It didn’t help. I used SeaMonkey all day then used CD on my laptop and it worked fine so I’ll update if it is still messed up on my desktop tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestions anyway.

Let us hope it was only a temporary Facebook/Dragon issue.

We have received also several complaints about the same issue, looks like FB had some issue with their CDN (content delivery network).

It’s weird. My CD works fine on my laptop but not on my desktop. I have a couple of different extensions than the other one so I disabled the extensions one by one and still haven’t found the problem. Any other suggestions? This just started yesterday morning and it worked fine prior to that and frankly I don’t remember doing anything to change CD’s settings…

Hi Cyberfox007,
These are just stabs in the dark.
Make certain Flash Plugin is up to date.
Flash player plugin

I have also read that Chrome can have Facebook issues if the system time/date is incorrect.

Just ideas that might or might not be relevant in your case.

Checked the plugin this morning…already up to date and my computer date and time is correct. I don’t understand it at all.

I haven’t ignored Ronny’s suggestion, but it is strange that it appears system related.

I think you have possibly found a CD bug related to your particular system setup.
If you agree you might like to post a Bug Report, if you decide to do so please follow the Bug Report Guidelines to help the developers in finding a possible fix.
Thank you.

Okay, I’ll try it one more time tomorrow morning…if the problem remains I will file a bug report. Thank you for all your help.

Thanks Cyberfox007.

I finally was able to fix the problem today. I searched IXQUICK for the images not showing and pulled up http://ask-leo.com/why_dont_pictures_show_when_i_visit_websites.html In that article he mentioned ad-blocking or filtering so I checked my adblock plus filtered list on facebook and lo and behold facebook images and photos were blocked. I removed the filters and my CD is now operable on facebook! Thank you for the help! Hope y’all have a great day!

Thank you for posting back with your findings, it is good to hear. :-TU
This will possible help others having problems in the future.
Thanks and you have a great day also.