Facebook login button

Hi there!

I noticed that facebook login button is inactive when i want log into facebook.
So i have Comodo Adblocker when i disable then i refresh page (F5) it is working fine.

If i have enabled Comodo adblocker and want login without disabled adblocker then i see not complete login buttor (see screen).

Next i tried this in incognito mode with adblocker enabled there working fine only in normal mode not works.

Try Ghostery. Love that Extension.

Thanks… trying with adblocker from comodo which needs update because last update is from january this year.

It is not about the extension itself in my opinion. Can you please check your filters in Comodo Adblocker?
Using too much filtering can cause false positives.
and try to update your filters and clean the browser cache :-TU

Thanks… Removed some facebook from filters and working. I block every banner with adblock.

It is not good blocking everything as I said.
Use few but strong filters with regular updates. If you are native english speaker, recommend these

Easylist (It blocks most of ads on every site, biggest advertisiment blocking list on the internet)
EasyPrivacy (removes all forms of tracking from the internet)

These 2 must needed on every adblocker.
If you want more blocking (don’t forget much blocking is not good)

Keep these 2 filters updated. Comodo Adblocker has update button for all filters in settings of the extension.

For all filters, check here

I hope it helps :-TU

I have only these two : Easylist Czech & Slovak and Adblock warning removal.

I updated these filters for the twice… because i let it on automatically…

You should use Easylist for all ads on the internet. I am also using it alongside Adguard Turkish filter.
It is needed for proper adv. blocking.