Facebook FlashPlayer Games not working or not working properly With Dragon today

Various Facebook FlashPlayer Games are either not working or not working properly With Dragon today.

Hatchlings will not load with Dragon but loads perfectly with CoolNovo or Chrome.

Gardens of Time will not post to wall or submit requests with Dragon and again works perfectly with CoolNovo and Chrome.

Blackwood and Bell with not popup wall posts. Works perfectly with CoolNovo and Chrome.

Zoo World will also not popup post to wall posts with Dragon but works perfectly with Chrome and CoolNovo.

Latest Dragon Version
Latest Flash Player Version: 11,8,800,94

I have tried switching off Secure DNS and Malware options to no avail.

Hi TheDukeUK,
I can’t test it as I do not have a FB account.
Just a couple of suggestions to try.
Try disabling 'Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)’ found under privacy in the advanced settings.
Try disabling the PrivDog extension or any other 3rd party blocking/filtering extensions.

Let us know how you get on, thanks.

Disabling PrivDog has fixed Hatchlings thanks … let me try the others.

Yay Disabling Priv Dog has fixed B&B as well.

My friends and I all say thank you captainsticks … disabling PrivDog fixes the issues.

Wow thank you thank you … disabling PrivDog has also fixed Scrabble which I have not been able to play with Dragon for weeks. Zoo World is fixed by disabling ProvDog as is Gardens of Time.

All good now.

Please report this as a bug in this section of the forum.


Will do. Thanks.


Thanks Chiron and thanks TheDukeUK for creating the bug report. :-TU

If you would like to continue using PrivDog until the issue is rectified, you could add the troublesome sites to PrivDogs exception list found under PrivDogs options.

You and your friends are welcome TheDukeUK and thanks for posting back.

Kind regards.

Adding apps.facebook.com to the exceptions in PrivDog does seem to fix the issue as well. Thanks.