Facebook Chat Not Working in v16.1.1.0

I started using Comodo Dragon (version yesterday.

I have since noticed that Facebook’s chat system does not work in the browser. When I click on a friend’s name/picture in the chat window nothing happens. Nothing also happens when I browse to a friend’s page and click the “Message” button.

I would be pleased if this is addressed ASAP.

!ot! Ps. I like the browser. Good job!

It appears it works sometimes :azn:

i too have noticed this problem sometime

its working fine on mine…

The following might be worth a try.
Go to Menu, Options, Under the hood and disable the two items I have pointed to in the screenshot.
If this doesn’t solve the issue tick these again to re-enable.

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yea no luck on checking, funny thing is I installed chrome and it works fine, but the whole chat bar on the right is missing and when I run games like wasteland empires and indiana jones adventure land the flash window shows only half but on that page it displays the chat names at the moment but never updates the side. (look at attached pic)

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