F-Secure is kind to Comodo?

I am asking you people on the forum for a question:
Is F-Secure AntiVirus safe working with Comodo FireWall?
You should make a list of AntiViruses that Comodo Supports.
EDIT: Could you please add if BOClean works with F-Secure? As well the other Comodo Software.

hi Orochimaru (:WAV)
i guess there’s no incompatibility issue between CFP&BOClean vs F-secure AV. why don’t you give them a try?


Thank you for your reply Ganda (:WAV) I will try it later. As soon as i get’s home from school.
And btw. I am willing to help Comodo spreading the word. But i will take that in another post.
See ya!
And btw… I got a little knowlegde in reading HiJackThis-Logs.

Yay. Ok i got BOClean to work. It works well with F-Secure.
So to all F-Secure users: Use BOClean! They are so friendly… :stuck_out_tongue: I am going to install Comodo Firewall later.

hi it’s me again (:TNG)
what do you mean by saying you will install CFP later? you’re not using any firewall for now?
i think you should have a decent firewall first before having antiwhatever.
oh, and about hiJackThis, is there any problem with your comp? i don’t have it, and i’m fine so far.

HiJackThis is a Spyware scanner. it is quite effective and fast, but you need to know what to remove before removing. Most of the files it comes up with are needed by the computer to work.
HiJackThis analyziz can also give knowlegde about if there is any Trojans or other Malicous programs on the computer.
So it’s a usefull tool. Be careful of what you remove though.