F-Secure 2009 Internet Security [STAY AWAY!!!]

I just wanted to give you guys an idea, of what a bloated & TERRIBLE program looks like.

This “update” has been running for about 15 mins now!!

And can you get anymore process?

My God…


WOW… longer updates can either mean alot of signatures, Or inefficient coding…
Check out the proccess’s…

No way dude!!

F-Secure are downloading bloody Cows!!! This is the worst software I have ever tried. CIS kills this!!! Now does F-Secure really does get an F. I feel like witting to them to be honest.


Matt just posted a review about f-secure… i def sucks…

the F-Secure AV is always on of the first engine on virustotal.com that detects malwares as most of others fail.
now the full thing internet security, i never liked this type of prog all in one.
i choose my FW, my AV and that’s how i run from the start.
the FW got his own job to do and the AV too.
associate all that in one thing will never be the solution for me.

Haha. Don’t worry, I mean’t that comment in a negative way :slight_smile: