F/P Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite


I’d like to report that during install of Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites 2015/2016 CIS reports various files as f/p and sandboxes/refuses to install/extract them. This does not only apply to the software itself but also to various Service Packs - i believe 3 for 2016 and 5 for 2015 which when extracted Comodo instantly sandboxes/removes the files.

The Source of my software is directly from Autodesk website - thus trustworthy.

I hope this is enough information to sort it out because there are close to 100+ files this problem occurs with during installation and clicking through each and every single one to report them is just too much.

So far my solution was to exclude the installation source/target folders during install, now i decided to report this issue, and hope this will be looked into and sorted out in a future update.


Hi Misenna,

Please submit the detected sample using the below link.So we can check them.

Harikrishnan M

Hello HariKrishnan,

As per your request i uploaded a sample of files that is normally being detected during installation. The only thing i couldn’t provide is names Comodo detects and blocks → sandboxes them under, they are all random generic names hinting that it could be Malware, which it is not. Reason being is because the log-file is no longer available that this information is contained in. Also what i sent is but a small sample, there are numerous more, and not just .js files, but since these .js files were what was shown most often i sent these in lieu of all other files being detected in this way.


You can temporarily disable the Sandbox to be able to extract the files.

If the AV removes files because of detection temporarily disable the AV and the Cloud lookup under File Rating Settings.

Hello EricJH,

This is what i did and of course it works; If it were only for me i probably wouldn’t have considered reporting it as F/P in the first place. It is a nuisance though that is why i reported and uploaded some of the files so this might be fixed.

Fix how i wish you to understand it would mean: All files stemming directly from ADSK being white-listed by CAV/CS that have previously been detected as F/P. (And that is also the only source i ever download Suite related content and offline installer packages/Service Packs and the like).

As stated this would be all web-related content in the installer packages. That is, if this is not to much to ask! Else i simply keep ignoring any F/P by way of excluding the installation source → target directories.

So, thanks for your reply, and please consider.

Have a pleasant weekend!

To take another angle. Is Autodesk a Trusted Software Vendor? If not request to have it made a Trusted Software Vendor in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2016. Are the installers of the Service Pack Trusted Files? Can you point us to the download locations of the Service Packs that you know that give problems? What do the AV logs tell about the detected threats? It is probably a limited set of names.

At HariKrishnan. Would it make sense in this case to have the download links to the mentioned file? THen you could start the unpacking and catch the viruses from there. It is a huge amount of files?

Hello EricJH,

I accept your point of view. Afair. Autodesk is leading developer and vendor of 3D-Software Solutions, trusted by private, educational, business and enterprise customers. In no way can they afford to send their installation packages out with trojans, viruses, whatever, it would ruin them no matter how big they are these days. So it is safe to say that they are; both ways - technically (OS wise) and customer wise.

The (SP) installer packages can be had here: Overview | Maya | Autodesk

The ECSU/2015/16 itself is a very different thing as they are no longer available for purchase. They changed their service from paid meaning 8k for the ultimate suite to monthly or annual subscription … The trial is still floating around here Download Maya 2024 | Maya Free Trial | Autodesk Official UK (I have always taken Download trial using Download Manager to get me the files when my installation media are not available). Though as far as problem is concerned is no difference between original (slightly outdated files on rom) and/or trial;

No matter which one is that the webfiles, some 100+ files are detected skipped w/o turning off sandbox and/or adding exception to both virus/sandbox during install.

The AV logs just give one name for all detected Generic@some numbers/some letters. Which i can’t provide as log files are being overwritten and my last installation of the suite is past 4 months, but the name is what is being reported in all cases so much i do remember.

Finally, just to make one thing clear, no selling any longer doesn’t mean no longer in use by hundreds of thousands of customers, or without support. Also others report that they experience similar programs with their AV/Security Suite - which means it is not comodo exclusive, and all reports show clearly that every detection that has been submitted was a F/P as is in my case and has been for a long time. (Until a brilliant idea entered my jumbled brain to consider reporting it) :wink:

Hi Misenna,
We Checked the binaries in the Downloads link you provided,
And No Files are detected by Comodo Internet Security version <> with database version 25580.

Please make sure the Antivirus database is updated and check again. If detection is still present, please submit the file on Comodo forums at
along with details about the environment on which this event occurred

Harikrishnan M