F.E.A.R Combat


The F.E.A.R multiplayer mode is now released for FREE.

Sign up, get a CD-Key, download the game from one of their links and enjoy!

If you want to play the singleplayer, you’ll have to buy the game… I highly suggest it, it was a hell of a cool game. :smiley:

Bullhorn, any idea why is it free?

Yours truly,

It is free because VU are smart.

Games are published, people get hyped and the first month of release has the largest ammount of sales, right?

A year later, people forget about the game and the multiplayer community dies.

VU don’t have to spend money on the game when they give the MP for free, they just send it through torrents and pay-sites like FileFront and FilePlanet.

They revive the multiplayer community, the players have fun and the company has a chance of reviving the singleplayer game by hyping players.

“Wow, this MP is so cool! I heard the SP is even cooler! I MUST BUY THIS GAME!!!”, etc.

Btw, I host an 8 players DM server 24/7 and it rocks. :smiley:

I see, thanks for explaning. :slight_smile:

Yours truly,