ezSharedsvchost.exe ( Somethings wrong )

ive recently stumbled upon this today when ive never heard of it in my life and it starts popping up in defense alerts some ive blocked but now when ever i start up my computer i get these

can anyone tell me if this is ok or do i need to block this file ASAP kinda lost atm as i dont know what this .exe does and if its safe or not

The file ezSharedSvcHost.exe is a legitimate component of EasyBits Shared Services. and

For over a decade, EasyBits Group has been developing family oriented products designed to simplify and enhance the computer experience both at home and at school. We deliver tools that prepare the little ones for the future, bring friends and families closer, and offer advanced technology solutions. With millions of satisfied customers across the globe, EasyBits Group boasts groundbreaking technology and award-winning products, all created with our simple vision on mind. With a global footprint, we believe in user-friendly programs and technology that is accessible to all ages and skill sets.
SourceIt does not look dodgy to me at first sight. Do you have anything by Easybit installed on your system?

In case of doubt upload the file to Virus Total to let 40+ scanners take a look at it. Please post the url to the VT report here after you uploaded it.

infact ive done a bit of research and i have no other easybit programs installed on my computer other than the EzsharedSvchost.exe like i was talking about it seems it does a silent install of this with skype and im not liking this one bit infact i use WOT and there main site is in bad standers i checked out reviews about this site and gives me even more the reason to remove skype and this all together

if you have any additional advice / help il gladly take a look but main point its not looking good for this im going to severly limit this file for the time being and most of the people say its malware

Out of curiosity I installed Skype but it did not install ezsharedsvchost.exe. May be it did in 2011 (the replies to the WOT article are all from 2011).

Does it show in the list of installed programs? If so uninstall it.

You can disable it from starting with Windows using Autoruns when you can’t find an uninstaller for it.

I have skpe installed but no such app

maybe so yes and no ive found no uninstall for ezsharedsvchost.exe , so maybe it was left over from 2011 however i was idle from my computer for some time and just got back the now only to find that microsoft secuity client\antimalware\MsMpEng.exe had blocked the file along with Svchost.exe again sure far after blocking the file last night its only been blocked 3 times 2 svchost and 1 with MsMpEng

im looking into it to see if i can just delete the file but i dont know if it will affect my system

was doing other research and found its not normal for ezsharedsvchost.exe to be modifying my temporary internet files/keys

Hi Rokeugon,
You could check if this is under windows services and try it disabled if it is.
In the start menu, type services.msc into the search bar and click on services.

Also find the file in question, right click and choose properties to find more information about the file.

It could depend on the download location for certain programs as to whether other programs come bundled.

I have found the following uninstaller, but please use with caution as I have not tried it myself and I am not sure what legit programs you have.

ok im about to disable it but would it not just be easier to delete ezsharedsvchost.exe as like ive said before i dont ahve any easybit programs installed on my computer infact ive never heard of them and i uninstall programs on a mear daily basics

could any one help me in telling me what easybit programs there are or what they own

also blocked the file threw comodo as well and ive noticed it only seems to come out and use around half my CPU or little less than half anyway and this happens when im idle from my PC

sry but im not trusting a uninstaller from them when they have such a bad rep on WOT and also talked about this on some forums including my clans forum some people seem to hate them and like me there confused to how they ever got ezsharedsvchost.exe on there computer

Hi Rokeugon,
I chose disable over delete in case you have an unknown legit program using it, if nothing malfunctions after a period of time then the service could be deleted.

If you just delete the file, windows logs will generate errors as windows will still be trying to start the service.
Once you are 100% sure it is not required, I would delete the service using the SC Delete command in preference to just deleting the file.
How to Delete a Windows Service in Windows 7, Vista or XP
Please be sure before deleting as a deleted service is gone forever and a real pain to get back if required down the track.

More information on EasyBits here and here.

I would imagine an EasyBits program has been bundled with something in the past, even if the program has been uninstalled it could have left the service behind.
If an EasyBits program was bundled with another program, removing the other program will not remove the bundled program (That would have to be remove separately).
Good luck.
Thoroughly check your Programs & Features for any programs that sound suspect, if in doubt about any post them here or Google search for information.

thank you for the great info much helpfull il give it a week and if nothing is wrong what so ever il SC delete the service

but still wonder why it was only running while i was idle as its up to 5 blocks now by comodo

You are welcome.
I just found a little more information, it could also be used for the programs found here.

but still wonder why it was only running while i was idle as its up to 5 blocks now by comodo
With what I found it appears to be linked with updating corresponding programs. It could have an entry in Windows task scheduler and set to only run while idle. The above is only a guess and not based on knowledge.

thx for the info again cant thank you enough :smiley: and it was always running in the background just it never consumed alot of CPU infact hardly any just when it went idle it started to take effect

I hope it all works out OK, all the best. :slight_smile:

thx so a day has passed now but comodo is still blocking it here is a picture of it from yesterday 2

just checked task manager and the process is not running but why is it still getting block

man ive never been this confused in my life

Hi Rokeugon,
Have you located the file and looked in the properties for any possibly helpful details?

Have you checked for programs and found any that you don’t know?

Have you compared the file date with any programs installed on or around the same date?

Have you uploaded the file to VirusTotal?
Post a link to the results.

Have you checked Windows Tasks Scheduler for corresponding tasks?

Did the systems Operating system come pre-installed and did it have any addition software bundled?

Check the following links to some advice from Moderator Chiron.
How to Tell if a File is Malicious
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

i had yes but its strange now it wont let me look at the detals and says i must obtain permission from admin even tho i am the admin and it not longer has the EZ symbol next to it , its just that little windows bar symbol , and in it not longer supply’s info / detals on it now

i have checked for some programs some of witch i dont know but a quick google search all the ones im not familiar with are ok and somewhat vital for my system

i have not no

i have uploaded it once before but cannot do so now because for some reason when i do so i dont have permission to open the file anymore

i have and non of witch seem to be corresponding with the task

the OS came pre-installed (using a HP PC) , but i also have a custom build PC and went threw the windows\sysWOW64 (were ezsharedsvchost.exe is currently located in my HP PC) and found nothing on my custom PC

and as we speak at this very moment this has just accord

Ps. the only thing i installed today was a CPU Meter gadget and turned out it had a virus called PUP.bundleinstaller.bi , it has been removed along with the file etc

EDIT: ive tried to take ownership of the application but says its denied i also tried going to services and putting the easybit service back on

Did you add ezsharedsvchost.exe to the Blocked Files? That will explain why you can’t do anything with it.

yes i did that ages ago but i could still access the properties etc yesterday when the file was still blocked , just unblocked it the now and tried again but its the same still has no details etc and still cant see ownership of the file nor can i access the security panel

EDIT: sry man ive managed to get the details back turns out i had to restart for the file to get its details back

I noted the mention of HP computer,my new HP laptop came with Magic Desktop installed ;this is an easybits program to provide locked child-safe computer use . I suspect that this is why you will find easybits cropping up on most HPs and thus the ezSharedsvchost.exe