Extremely slow update

I use Comodo Firewall on my Vista since many years and am extremely positive about it. For AV I use another program. Six months ago I installed CIS on my laptop that I do not connect to the internet very often. Two weeks ago I discovered that it did not update the AV (version 3.13 - known issue) I uninstalled 3.13 and installed 3.14.
I updated on 15/2. Today I updated again : it took 23 minutes with an extremely high CPU usage.
I understood from searching the internet two weeks ago that the update is the bases.cav file.
This file was 90.610 kb before the update and is now 89.986.
How can it take 28 minutes to download such a small file. I have a very rapid internet connection.
I am really considering returning to Comodo Firewall with other antivirus.

Most of the updates on my computers are pretty quick, but I had one take over 20 minutes on Sunday!


  1. I think you mean 90.610 MB, not 90.610 KB

  2. An increase of minus 0.624 MB in 28 minutes computes as a speed of - 1.337 MB per hour.
    This is obviously totally unrelated to internet speed.

On 20/02/2010 I updated my virus database and it is still at version 4001.
I have now updated and it reached version 4048 in 6 minutes.

I understand this represents 47 different files,
for each of which the 90 MB bases.cav is read into memory,
and then the new file is merged in memory and somehow shrunk a bit
and the new bases.cav is written back to disc,
and this is repeated 46 more times

I do not like it, but that is how it is for the moment.