Extremely Annoying and Inexplicable.

I had been facing a few issues in using my CIS for a few weeks and finally decided to turn to Comodo Fora for help. I registered and received my confirmation email on Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 1:24 AM and had my account activated right then. Now, in about 12 hours time, somehow my account was banned for “Spamming or Suspected Spamming”. This when I had not typed even a single alphabet in any of the threads anywhere in the Comodo Fora. I don’t know why this has been done. Worse, it seems I don’t have any way of knowing why it was done or what is the remedy. I don’t even if the ban is permanent or is for a few days.

I had to re-register here with my alternate email id just to post this grievance of mine. The mods can delete this post or move it elsewhere but I think this “Report Comodo Forum / Web Site Issues” is the best place for me to make this post.

My original account id was "yaanni. If any Mods show an interest then please inform me about my original account’s fate and what the exact reason was in me being banned.

Hi Ankit Tandoori, welcome to the forums.

That would be my fault (partly) and I unreservedly apologise for that.

We use an Spam add-on that had registered a hit against the email address used by the “yaanni” account, but with a different IP. This combined with some proper spam just a few hours before on the same IP range lead me to conclude that the account was a spammer account and I banned it as being related. Spam bans are permanent.

I’m aware that the spam ban message you received left you with little or no information and with no apparent recourse. For this, once again, I apologise. I’ve already asked the Administrators to provide an email address on the message to give users some method of challenging any ban.

Delighted to know that the ban is permanent.

What puzzles me is how is it possible for your anti spam service to register a hit against my email id when I have not posted anything anywhere on your fora?

I use NoScript and it is likely that it disallowed your partner “Trustlogo”. It may also have disallowed your Anti Spam Bot. Could this be the reason? If this is so then why is my current account not blocked too? I still have NoScript running (although on a diff browser and with a newy acquired IP address).

If not anything else then please help me on the 2nd line of my reply.

I can easily undo the ban, if that’s what you want. :slight_smile:

The spam service is neither our service (we just use it) or a anti-spam bot of some kind that you can block. It’s completely external to these forums. You can find more details here: Stop Forum Spam and further details on how to get your email address removed from the SFS database here: Removal Request.

Your current account is not registered on SFS, either the email address or the IP number.

Well, I don’t usually use my primary email id for signing up, I have a secondary id for that but for the sites that I trust and intend to use for long (such as Yours) I use my primary email id. Therefore, if you can undo the ban it would be great.

The service that you mentioned seems to work on some grand whim of itself. I assert that I had not posted anything anywhere not just on your fora but anywhere else in the whole of the Internet for many hours before and after this signing up. While this is all just a virtual world, I still feel a bit angry at being accused of spamming. Also, just a single look at this anti spam service shows me a big lacuna in their working (I can’t mention it publicly).

Anyways, thanks a lot for your help and time. And the issues with CIS too seem to have been solved. I can derive some solace from that at least.

Done, the ban is removed. Although you will need to discontinue the use of this account, since multiple accounts are not allowed on the forums.

We didn’t actually accuse of you spamming… merely of “suspected spamming”. Which, you still may find insulting to some extent, but it’s the best we can do given the amount of spam the forums attracts daily (many hundreds). For the main part, I believe our members are completely unaware of the volumes of spam that is prevented from the reaching the forums and, to my knowledge, you are the first mistake that has been raised since we started using the service nearly a year ago.

I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean… but, you can send me a PM if you cannot mention it in public. :slight_smile:

Good and I’m glad to hear that. Once again, I do apologise for any inconvenience or embarrassment that this might have caused.