Extraordinarily Annoying Installation Mode/Previous Mode Evades Resolution

I’ve been trying to cope with, resolve the extraordinarily annoying “Installation Mode Previous Mode” reminder window that pops up with maddening frequency to the point where I have sometimes disabled the program itself in an effort to prevent it from distracting me. I’ve gone to to the help page but have not been able to wade through all the pages for resolution.

A simple, straight-talk explanation is all I am desperate to have presented.

Any assistance, guidance on this matter is greatly appreciated. ??? :slight_smile:


My name is Jacob Kilgore
I’m one of the Forum Moderators,
I’m sorry to hear that you are having a unsolveable issue currently

You can make a feature request in the wishlist to allow the user to set amount of minutes it stays in installation mode… etc etc

Defense+ Wishlist: https://forums.comodo.com/defense_wishlist-b148.0/

  • Jacob Kilgore
    C-O-M-O-D-O Forum Moderator

I can confirm this bug. I’ve switched to installation mode and some time later Comodo asked me if I want to switch Installation Mode off. And I’ve agreed. Some minutes later it happened again. It continued ask me the same question untill I didn’t exit Comodo. I even tryed to disagree with Comodo’s offer, but nothing had effect. =(
For now this annoying pop up is gone, but sometimes it rushes out again. Can’t even suppose the reason why.

But I’m using latest Comodo beta and got Avira AntiVir Personal installed and working. Anyway, don’t think Avira is the reason. Never had troubles with it through years (about 3) of using.