Extra Protection to stay safe?

With Comodo Internet Security Complete, what other products if any should I add to ensure complete protection? If possible even if they have paid versions, i’d prefer free because of costs.


It’s good to have a couple on-demand scanners such as SUPERAntiSpyware or MalwareBytes and run them every now and then. If you use Firefox, there are also some nice extensions worth checking out, such as No-Script and Web Of Trust.

All free. :slight_smile:

Honestly, no need for anything else. CIS has everything built into it, it’s an anti-malware (virus, worm, trojan, spyware, everything), FW, memory FW and a lot of other stuff.

Unless you want to expose yourself to threats by visiting ■■■■■■■■ sites such as porn sites and so on you should be safe, otherwise no anti-virus will help you, as the way viruses emerge is dramatically quick, it’s not like leaving everything on a software, you have to contribute as well and protect yourself in the first place.

I’ll download SAS and antimalwarebytes as well. How long does a typical HD scan take (I know it varies, but I have a 500 gb hard drive…2,3 hours maybe?

also, what is this FW you speak of?

It depends on how much data you have on the disk.

FW = Firewall

Oy, Yes:) Blame it on the one cup of coffee this morning :slight_smile:

I have only been using the suite with malwarebytes as a on demand scanner and so far I am impressed with the job it is doing. :-TU

I let the scan run over an hour (was at 1:12 and then I had to stop it) to get back to normal mode. I will put in safe mode overnight tonight to see how long it takes.

if any should I add to ensure complete protection?
If your using firefox you can add 1) Adblock Plus <----choose your customise lists 2) Noscript <----if the site you go to needs it right click on the "s" and allow 3) Betterprivacy <--- these are supercookies, change setting to everytime you shutdown firefox 4) fasterfox <--- optimize, yea it's not security but more for performance

My full scan only takes 58 minutes on a 750gb hard drive.

Weird…Let me ask this since your hard drive is larger then mine. What is your scan setup like?

Reason I ask is under “scan profiles” it has my computer and critical areas. Shouldn’t I switch this to "scheduled scans, then scan my critical areas & my computer?

I have mine set to run a critical area scan once a week if I feel like I may have something I will run a full scan. But usually I only run a full scan 1 time a month.

Sounds Good. I’ll see how they perform on Sunday when everything is scanned.

Just for grins I let it scan in safe mode and as in previous test I was at well over an hour and it was still scanning. My question is

-within CIS under antivirus, there are three areas: Profile Name, Critical Areas & My Computer. In order to not have the scan take hours as it is doing now, what should be scanned so I could achieve the scan in the least time?

(Sorry to ask, I just find if I scan “critical areas” on a 500 gb hard drive or even my computer, I figure it would take less then 2 hours :slight_smile: )

I don’t know if it would apply to you, but audio and video does takes longer to scan(For any anti-virus for that matter). You can exclude the folders that there stored in if that helps :slight_smile:

Just an idea :-La

The speed of the scan doesn’t depend on the size of the hard drive. It depends on how much stuff you have in it.

I let it scan my C: drive and after 2:35 it was still scanning and found nothing. Fully updated with SP2.

Just trying to see why in the world on a 750 gb drive it takes 58 mins (posted by another member) and why after 2:35 my scan is not done. I must be crazy, because 2:35 is a very long time to scan a C: drive, right?

I plan to run a scan (however long it takes) of critical areas then report back. I am determined to figure this out :slight_smile: