Extra heuristics option

How about this:

You know in Antivirus Settings there is the option to automatically quarantine files when detected? Well how about a separate option for files found by the heuristics engine?

For example, malware detected because that exact piece of malware is in the database, would automatically be quarantined, whilst a piece of malware detected by heuristics would display an alert, asking for user interaction.

This allows for extra ease of use, since files that are very much more likely to be malware (in the database) are automatically dealt with, whilst actions taken against files that may be false positives (detected by heuristics) are left up to the user.

This would apply to all the three types of scan (real-time, manual and scheduled).

Thanks :SMLR

Hm, I made a similar request, which contains your’s as a subcase. I requested to make it possible to handle the different types of virus/malware in different ways - here

Sorry about that, I should really search before posting a wish! 88)

But some fp are from database, not only detected by heuristics…

That’s an idea i would use. :slight_smile:

That is true, but is far more unlikely :wink:

And anyway, I meant for it to be an optional choice - like a checkbox:

Automatically quarantine found items

Do not automatically quarantine items detected by the Heuristics engine

Thanks :slight_smile:

:-TD There are possibilties that the user may not understand the alert / alert may be suppressed leading to the malware found by the heuristic engine being actually run instead of quarantined. IMHO, this option if required can be a branch of the “show alerts/notification messages” option with field settings at high / med / low (preferred) or a multicheck on category of malware.

Good idea for novice user. +1
But a heurestic mode need improvement.
Because Comodo still have more FP than other AV.

Sorry to have not replied back in a while, I completely forgot about this thread!

This is also true at the moment. Unless the automatic quarantine box is checked, CIS users get alerts if a virus is found. My wish would allow for less of these popups.