Extra Features For Virtual Desktop

  1. The Virtual Desktop should have the ability to block access to certain folders such as documents, drop administrator rights, have multiple sandboxes, and the sandbox auto-deleting on exit. :-La

  2. I want to Virtual Desktop to be able to block access to certain folders, drop administrator rights, have multiple sandboxes, and the sandbox should be able to auto-delete on exit.

  3. Blocking access to certain folders would be a good privacy feature, stopping malware from stealing important documents. Drop admin rights would provide additional security. Multiple sandboxes would allow for a secure sandbox and one for testing different applications or malware. Auto deleting the sandbox would be good for cleaning out malware or web history.

  4. Another product has these features so they are possible to develop. I really hope the Comodo developers consider adding these four features.

I believe that wishes for multiple sandboxes and having an option to reset sandbox upon exiting have already been created. Also, a wish for having varying levels of restriction within the FV sandbox has also been created. That said, these are great ideas which I wholeheartedly hope will eventually be included.

For the time being though, as these wishes have already been created, I will move this post back to the main Beta board for discussion. If I have made a mistake, and one or more of these wishes has not already been created in the main wishes board, please let me know.


Did not realize these suggestions had already been made. Hopefully the developers will implement them. :slight_smile: