External/Portable HardDisk

Plzz suggest good external/portable harddisk.

Recommended brand, size, price (India)

Hi again today :slight_smile: naren,

It’s not easy for (at least) some of us to answer your question, since you’ve mention India
What I mean is - the price & nothing else & the moment
Just Google “external portable hard disk price India” :wink:

On the other hand, what are those other things to consider when choosing an external HD?

Just a few superficial thoughts out of my mind:

1) 2.5 or 3.5 inch?
Some would say 2.5" (smaller) is portable, where 3.5" can not be considered as such.
My opinion - that is a mistake.
Yes 2.5" may fit into your biggest pocket :slight_smile: , but I’ve never seen one carrying that one in any pocket despite it’s rather slick indeed compare to 3.5" … the place in the bag anyway
I worked with 320MB really small “ultra-portable” Seagate & I do have 1TB & 3TB Buffalo 3.5”
Not that I would call the latter being not portable
2) The other thing to consider is – nowadays it has to be USB3 at least (with the statement about USB2 backward compatibility, which is usually the case)
By ‘at least’ I mean it would be preferable to have FireWire connection as well (performance)
3) RPM … as usual … the higher the better (7200 as a standard)
4) Buffer (cache size). It has to be at least 8 MB …, sure you can think about 16/32…)
5) WD ; Seagate; LaCie ; & such an old player as Iomega are the brands to think about (hope some users will add according to their experience)
6) anything else 88) … probably, but that would be enough for the moment
All the above will affect the price, no Q about it – you are the one to decide


Thanx for info, SiberLynx. I never paid attention to the buffer size. I’ll consider this parameter as well.