external backup & backing up on 2 DVDs/CDs

When backing up anything, will CB allow me to burn directly to a DVD/CD or will it have to be burned separately?


If the back up requires more room than what’s on a DL DVD or a CD, will it allow me to split it onto 2 disks, whatever format I save it as?

And lastly, can a backup be password protected, and how?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It will allow you to burn directly to CD/DVD

Yes, it will split automatically.

Yes, you can enable password protection in backup step 3.


Thank you very much. I did notice being able to burn to CD/DVD, but only by right clicking a folder or groups of folders in Windows Explorer. I could not find where to do that within CB application. I assume either way I start the backup, there will be a step 3 to password protect?

thank you kindly :slight_smile:

The option to burn to CD/DVD is visible in backup step 2.

Yes, but only if you use the default .cbu backup method.