External Access to VM Web page


I am having issues accessing a web page that is hosted within a VM on my internal network.
This is the scernario:

Broadband setup with external DNS name
Rule on the broadband router to direct all HTTP requests on port 80 to allowing any

Physical machine running windows 7 64Bit and Comodo CIS
Physical machine IP address
VMware player running on the physical machine and running a Suse Linux image with the ip address of
VMware player setup within Comodo CIS as trusted application

When I access internally all is fine and I can access the page.
When I hit the external website URL from a machine on my internal network I can access the page.

However, when an external user hits the URL they get a message saying that the “requested URL could not be retrieved”.

If i disable the Comodo firewall and reload the page I get the message of Error 404.

I know that external access works to the machine as I have an FTP server on the physical machine using the same external URL and pointing to

I believe that there is something blocking access to the VM within Comodo but is only applicable to external, however Comodo does let FTP through.

I have also setup a rule within CIS to allow any source address through to on port 80 but this still does not work.

Any ideas?