extensions and home page won't stay

I have 33 0 0 0 version. and when I X out to close all tabs and get off line for the day… the next time I click on comodo dragon and get online
… it loads up the home page with the default and not the one that I set as my home page… and my extensions that I set up are gone. and the default of privdog, web inspector, etc are there.

is there something that I am not doing that is causing this… ??? it never happened before. it started last night.

I would like my home page to be what I want and also, my extensions. I don’t privdog, web inspector.


It looks like there is a problem with the user profile. Can you tell us if browsing history or bookmarks are also lost ?
You should check if the user profile is accessible to the browser. You can find the user profile folder at "C:\Users<username>\Appdata\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data.
Check if your user has read/write access to the “Local” folder and all folders below it. You can see user access rights by opening the properties dialog for the folder and checking under the “Security” tab.

Also check if Dragon is launched in a sanbox or if the user data is not being removed by a cleanup tool.

Thank you.