Extended time limit for "Installation Mode" window/reminder

Hi dude and dudeies (:WAV)

I would like to see Extended time limit for “Installation Mode” window/reminder. With this I mean. From the first time CIS reminds your that your in “Installation Mode” If I press NO, the time limit for next time CIS ask should be longer, and even longer the 3th time if I press NO.
Or the future to choose "remind me in 10, 20, 30mins Or remind me when installation is done. (this last one could be a challenge)

Why do we need this?

This is because when installing games or other applications that takes long time. CIS ask if I want to return to the previous mode like 10 times before the installation had a chance to finish. This is kinda annoying (B)

PS! I don’t know how to set up a “poll” sry.

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When the installation mode reminder pops-up you do not need to answer it, If you do not answer it will continue in installation mode and a pop-up will re-apear a little while after.

Thanks O0

Yeah I know. Still bugging me :slight_smile:

Yeah, it bugs me too. :wink: