Exporting/importing CIS settings help.

Hi everyone,

I just installed CIS 5.3.174622.1216 on my desktop and everything went well and without any problems. I went through the settings and checked/unchecked things, readjusted the sliders etc. In short I configured the CIS the way I wanted.

Then I exported the configuration to a file (More tab - Manage My Configurations - Export).

Then I installed CIS on my laptop. After installation was finished I imported the configuration file from my desktop but none of the settings were there.

What did I do wrong? I thought that exporting config file through Manage My Configurations would be enough. Are there any files that I should manually backup from the installation folder to have those settings without the need for redoing them every time I need to install or re-install?

Thank you for your help.

I also had the same experience, I have no Idea of what happens actually with this export and import options, I have previously used such an option to export and import ESET settings and Kaspersky settings, in which cases they were perfect.

I donot understand the concept here with comodo, but it did not work for me as intended (may be as I expected, I expected it to export all my settings, my exclusion list, preferences etc.,)

The only solution I found was to open the .cfgx file (with a txt editor) and change the “name” in the second row.
In this way I could import it (with the new name)

Preferences are not saved (I mean themes settings, etc)

That’s the best way to go

  1. Import with a non default profile name so it becomes the 4th profile
  2. If you wish to overwrite the current profile, activate an other profile and chose to overwrite the deactivated profile.

Overwriting the “active” profile with in import profile is not always reliable…

Thanks guys for your help.

Ronny, I’ll try your suggestions.

I did try to overwrite the active profile so maybe that’s the reason that it didn’t work… it kinda makes sense since the active profile was already in use. It’s almost like Firefox, in which you can’t import settings to an active profile. The difference is that Firefox will give you a warning.

Thanks again.

This is what I do and it has worked well for me.

After installation and the installer wants you to restart, say you’ll restart later. Manually open the GUI from the desktop icon and import your settings. Then restart.

Incredible ! When you uninstall your CIS software, your .cfgx files are automatically deleted !

Of course, I lost all my settings !


That’s sad but true.

It is best to store the exported configuration in a separate folder that is not part of the CIS installation folder.