Exporting and Importing of configuration settings

And also adding or saving of different settings.

Further discussion of the topic Save, Add, Export, Import predefined policies.

Now exporting or importing configuration can be done only entirely. But it will be more comfortable if there will be an opportunity to choose what to export or import from configuration. I mean that during exporting of configuration we can choose what to export - predefined policies, global rules, port sets, network zones or others and also to choose what global rule from global rules to export, what predefined policy from predefined policies or what port set from port sets to export. And when we want to import we choose what to import.

Also this applicable to adding or saving predefined policies. When we want to add some predefined policy we choose a saved configuration and also choose from it what predefined policy or policies we want to add to current predefined policies.

This a universal method. This will let to use configuration file for all: for adding, saving, importing and exporting all what we want.

This method is realized, for example, in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. It’s very comfortable. And it’s pretty desired to implement in Comodo!

I like the idea of having more room for exporting/importing various sub sets. :- TU



I would like to see the “Preferences” also exported and imported via .conf, since presently it does not export “Parental Control” settings, theme selection etc.

Granular control is always welcome