Exporting and Importing FW settings


I have been using Comodo since it early version 2 days. After the version 3 is released I continued as usual with Comodo. I do not have much of a trouble with it, but one. As a Windows XP Pro user, I had to format my PC a number of times within this period and every time I installed Comodo FW I had redefine the rules in the Program Monitoring behavior (HIPS) afresh.
In version 3 i found under miscellaneous section an option to Export/ Import function, and thought that my problem is solved. but unfortunately I found that importing the old settings back after a clean install does not solve the problem. Comodo was asking again for all the programs I use. :frowning:

In next few days I am going to do a reinstall of XP Pro and planning to install and use CIS instead of FW only. So how exactly should I Export my COMODO FW settings and Import it back so that after installation CIS does not ask permissions for the same programs again. ??? :-[

There is one more question: Does CIS have any issues with uTorrent? The FW does not seem to have any though.

My OS:

Win XP Pro with SP3

Please help.

thank you

I’m not exactly sure if you can import your old FW config settings into CIS…

If you are reinstalling XP, I assume that means that you aren’t going to install all your old apps again. So probably, the best options for you is to just rebuild your config from scratch. Yes, it might be annoying the first few days, but that should pass.

Yup! I am going to install all the applications again as its gonna be a clean install. Though the application locations are going to remain the same as i locate all the application in a separate HDD partition.

Did you select the loaded profile? That is the next step after important a profile. There are no known issues with uTorrent and CIS as far as I can see.