Export/Transfer rules to another computer

I’ve just started using CPF instead of Norton Firewall (got tired of all the updating/activation!) and am pleased with CPF…it’s working well on my system!

The only issue I have is this. I’m spending a lot of time “teaching” the system as it gets used to my configuration. Is there a way to transfer or export the rules to another machine so I don’t have to go through this with all of my systems. I’m running a home lan and may want to transfer all of these systems to CPF but I sure don’t want to have to go through this process on all of them!


RKL :slight_smile:


First let me welcome you to the Comodo Family! Next let me congratulate you on switching from Norton ;). Unfortunately there is no way that I know of where you can export the rules, sorry, but it looks like you will need to go through this with all of your systems, but don’t let that bring you down, because all Firewalls are like this, Comodo also has a safe applications list so you may not have to set rules for some of your applications.

Thanks for the help…I do use the “pre-approved” list and the application scan…sure would be nice to transfer the rules from one system to the next though.

Appreciate your help.

I thought there was a way to:

… If only I could remember the service or find the post… ;D

Watch what you export though… if application rules are part of it, and the 2nd PC doesn’t have all the same apps in the same path as your PC… I’m not sure what it will do… :wink: