Export snapshot


I’m an IT manager and i have a network of computers that come from the same image.
I wanted to know 2 things:

  1. Is it possible to export the snapshots of each computer in order to backup them in a seperate location?
  2. Is it possible to take snapshot from 1 computer and restore with this image another computer that comes from the same image?


There aren’t any files to be exported.
The snapshots are stored in the free space of the monitored drives, just that.
CTM is a system restore tool, not a backup/image one.

Hello qt1h00,

You can mount the snapshots and then Copy/Paste or use a back up tool to back up the snapshot data.
With the data at hand you can do what you wish.

Hope this helps both of your questions


Thanks Jacob. Just forgot that option.

Your Welcome Tech!



How can i mount the snapshots?

I’ll PM a moderator to assist you here as i do not have Time Machine installed or prep’d to install

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Here is a link to do so!


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Hope this Helps!