Export Settings? & Disable Exit Ability

I am trying to install Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 Beta into a corporate enviroment…i have a couple of questions;

I want to customise the settings in Comodo, disable certain things on every machine. I have over 500 computers and dont have the time to go around and physically change the settings manually, is there a way i can export the settings from one client and import into another, or create a script that will modify the settings?

Secondly, in user mode, users are unable to edit the settings which is fine, but they have the ability to right click the system tray icon and exit Comodo. I want to prevent this from being possible.

Would be greatfull of any answers.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

As for exporting/importing settings, I don’t know - haven’t heard of it here, before.

As for preventing users of exiting CAVS, there’s no such function in the software itself (from what I can remember, haven’t used it in a while). Perhaps it’s possible to make restrictions at the Windows user level?

Finally something else: I know CAVS is being used without problems by many people. However, some people do encounter bugs, so it may be a bit of a risk to install it on more than 500 computers.


AFAIK, all configuration options are stored in the following keys;


I’ve been using CAVS on a LAN segment with around 150 users for over a year now without a problem (or an infection). We distributed it slightly differently by installing CAVS (without configuring anything) on a base PC and then creating an image from that using Paragon Drive Backup 8. This image was pushed to the LAN PCs. We then configured CAVS on the base PC and then created an incremental image again using Drive Backup 8. This incremental image was then pushed to all PCs on the segment, theyby ensuring a consistent config. Any subsequent config changes resulted in another incremental being created and pushed to the PCs. This way, we didn’t have to stuff around with the registry.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, i was aware of these keys, but these dont store the software settings such as “Turn Off HIPs Application Control”, or “Turn Off Email Scanning”. Where are these settings located?

They are in the classes, one of about 50 used by CAVS. That was why we used the incremental image method, which captured the changes regardless of where they stored. :wink:

Call me lazy, but it works! :wink:

I’ll leave my thinking cap on and see if I can dig up any further info. No promises, but fingers crossed.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Does anybody know the URL that Comodo trys to connect to when auto-updating? As i will need to allow this through the company proxy.

If you register, login and lodge a support ticket at http://support.comodo.com (unfortunately your forum credentials won’t cut it there), they should be able to provide the IPs for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have, and they have told me that BETA products are supported in this forum only.

LOL. A rock and a hard place.

Try these on fro size;

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They dont seem to be working;

When i try to update im getting the error message;

Error Number: 701
Unable to contact the server, please try again later

Try substituting 72.20.6.*:80 if your proxy allows wilcarding.