Export problems


I’ve a “safe” network zone in Comodo Firewall 3.5 based upon the MAC addresses of the other computers in my LAN. I’d like to export this list and import it on the other computers on my network, since they’re all running the same version of Comodo Firewall.

I went to the Miscellaneous section, Manage My Configurations, Export, Comodo Network Security. For the filename, I chose firewall.txt. I then see the error message:

Unable to obtain the necessary rights.

Please run this utility as an Administrator and try again.

I wanted to see what account it was trying to run this utility as, so I retried my steps while running ProcMon. ProcMon tells me that it’s trying to write this file as me, and I have rights to create files in the directory in question. ProcMon also doesn’t show any permission denied errors, I see some entries with the filename in question, but no errors at all. In fact, I see a SUCCESS line for a CreateFile and Closefile entries. The file isn’t there however.

I’m thinking that the error message is probably not really what the problem is. Does anyone have any ideas?


Suggestions for getting additional diagnostic data :-

Perhaps something objects to Firewall.txt in the designated folder.

  1. Can Notepad create and subsequently read a file called Firewall.txt in the designated folder ?
  2. Try exporting with a file-name other than Firewall.txt
  3. Try exporting to a different folder


This has always been a problem. I don’t know why they don’t fix it. There seams to be no reason for it. I suspect the configurations programs run without admin rights to you can change your configuration without admin rights. It’s a pity this messes up the export.

You have to close down the CIS program (right click on the sys tray icon and select exit) and run it again from the start menu as administrator.

That worked, thanks. I wonder why Procmon showed it was trying to write the file as me. I had no problems creating a firewall.txt file in the directory in question.