Export of the configuration

What are the data stored in the export of the configuration ? There are no details in this link :

I’d cleaned up the publishers list. After a reinstall of CFW and imported the saved configuration, I saw that the publishers deleted reappeared; this means that these data are not saved during the export.

Hence my question at the beginning of this post.
It would be very useful to update the page of Help with the detail of this information.

Exporting configuration and exporting the File List are two separate things.
You have to export your configuration AND to export your File List.
Only exporting the configuration doesn’t export your File List automatically.

Also, when importing again you have to import your configuration AND to import your File List (again two separate things)

I guess exporting the configuration backs up the CIS setting and user-created rules. Maybe there are other data. An accurate list of data could be helpful.

It is not possible to export/import the list of publishers.

It is possible to export/import the File list but it is a list that evolves according to the addition/removal of programs.