Export/Import v3's configuration [Resolved]

Ok, I have CFP installed, and have just downloaded the latest version CFP

My question now is, will exporting my config from my installed CFP using the how2 on page 1 allow me to Import them into the new version Im about to install?

Many thanks

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My apologies, I was still finding my way around the forums when I posted that post. Please ignore, or delete please,

Once again, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I’ve moved your posts, so that they’re no longer in the v2 thread (not a problem, it’s part of my “job”).

My question for you is, have you found out how to use the Export/Import feature in v3?


Thanks for that, sorry for posting in the wrong area.

In answer to your question…I tried a number of ways, and ended up locking myself out of my own computer. A bug window popped up in COMODO, asking if i woud like to send details of the bug to COMODO, which i clicked yes, then all hell broke loose, and my admin password was reset. Only just got back online after resetting it from within dos.

Im still using the same version of CFP as my thread starter here, and would still like to upgrade, but wont try to export anything again unless I know 100% that its going to work, until then, I shall continue to use this, however, I still cannot update any of its definitions, even with IE.

Any further advise yould be great.

Here’s how the process would work…

To Export your settings: Go to Miscellaneous, Manage My Configurations. This will bring up a menu where the top option is Export. Click that button, and select Comodo-Optimum Security. Name the file and save it.

To Import the settings: Go to Miscellaneous, Manage My Configurations. This will bring up a menu where the 2nd option is Import. Click that button; you will have options to “Import” or “Import As”. If you want to name the configuration (as in you want to have multiple configs to switch between), then Import As. If you just want to bring in the exported config, Import.

This capability is only in v3; any settings (registry keys) from v2.4 cannot be brought in to v3; the architecture is too different.

I’ve used the import feature a number of times for new installations without any issues; not sure what happened with yours, but sounds like you’ve had a battle. Glad you could reset the Admin pass…


Tried the method you mention regarding exporting my settings, but I got as far as to save them to a file I named, but it comes back with an error, just like everyone else who is having the same problems. A file is created in the name given, but nothing is saved to it, 0kbs.

As to Importing, can’t Export, so dont have anything to import yet.

I wil try once more to export my settings, hope this works.!

Ok, tried, it started to look promising, then a window popped up saying error, make sure you have enough rights to preform this action. My user account has Administrator rights, so dont understand this.

I will try again in my main Admin account. Fingers crossed for me. (:NRD)


It worked !!! Exported settings successful!!

Just need to completely uninstall CFP now, then install 77, and import my settings. Should be straight forward, right?

Was the account you were trying to do this from a limited user account? If so, congrats on trying to do it the right way! (:CLP)

As to the uninstall/reinstall/import process, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! And yes, it should be pretty straight forward.


I thought the account I was using had Admin rights, but I guess not. Anyway, im about to do a full uninstall, and install 77. Will report back after Im done, and imported my config settings from 776.

Ok, update on uninstall of CFP76, and install of CFP77, with Importing Config from CFP 76.

All went very easily, used the uninstall application that came with CFP776, then after a reboot, installed CFP77, rebooted again, then imported configs from the Misc page.

All done.!

Thanks for the advice guys.! I will be recommending CFP to everyone.! :BNC

Great, I’m glad that worked! I’ll go ahead and mark the topic as Resolved and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll be glad to do so.



Tnx for the PM. Normally reopening a topic is geared toward the original poster’s question. However, it sounds like your issue is very much similar, and I gather that the solution here did not work for you.

Will you please provide more details about what you have gone through in this process? What version of v3 did you have, what do you have now? When you say that it failed, can you be more specific?

Did you restart v3 since you did the import process?


O.S.=Windows Vista Ultimate Edition 32
Firewall=Comodo V3 (Upgraded from

Firewall Security Level =Train with Safe Mode
Defense+ =Train with Safe Mode

Logged in with adminrights,did this

To Export your settings: Go to Miscellaneous, Manage My Configurations. This will bring up a menu where the top option is Export. Click that button, and select Comodo-Optimum Security. Name the file and save it.

Comodo won’t let me save this file,it says I don’t have enough rights,allso the file is empty.
I’ve tried several times but all failed.I didn’t restart Comodo V3.

Thanks in advance


Excuse me for my bad english.

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It looks like you’re saving it to another partition or drive, correct? Have you tried saving it locally (ie, on the c:\ drive)?

if not, you might give that a shot. You might also try switching D+ to Training Mode to try exporting the config file.

I’m thinking that the g:\ drive is considered as a protected “file” by v3; perhaps in conjunction/interaction with Vista you’re getting blocked to access it that way. Just a thought.

And another question, this admin profile in Vista, is that where you installed v3 in the first place? If not, perhaps that’s part of the problem.


None of the mentioned did’nt work,still get a i don’t have have enough rights although i’m logd in with admin rights.

Even with Defense+ and Firewall Security Level disabled,can’t export the configuration file to C:,
it tells me to put the in Users directory,but it just don’t work,file is 0 bytes.

Maybe in safe mode?

Thanks in advance

I have this problem. To export or import to Comodo on Vista you need to turn off UAC, reboot, export the settings, turn UAC back on and reboot again. It is a right pain. I refuse to have UAC turned off permanently.

Hope it will be in fixed in a new version,or maybe a fix.
It’s an annoying problem,turn UAC off,reboot export settings,turn UAC on,reboot again.

This is a major flaw imho.

Utility to turn UAC on or off

Just exported Comodo V3 settings using above utillity successfully.


I’m having problems, migrating from a pc to another, as well.
Trying to migrate all the settings or policies from CFP 3 on system A to CFP 3 on system B:
I can import / export allright (verified the export size before/after import) but it doesn’t remember all the policies at all, in fact it’s asking me again basic stuff like permission for IE7 to get online.

Guess I have to re-type every settings manually again.
btw, is there a way to reset the settings since right now the export file on system B is roughly 1.5mb (it used to be around 250kb with all the basic settings) and it’s behaving like a brand new install.

Thanks - Josh

edit: this noob forgot to mention op systems are both XP Home SP2

Even though I am logged on as an admin in Vista Ultimate, the only way I have ever found to import/export configuration is by turning off UAC. Seems to be a common problem. Go to control panel/user access and there is a simple option to turn it off and on. So many other things worked better with UAC off that I left it off. :wink: