Export/Import of rules

Like the Beta version, much easier to set up meaningful rules via the dialog boxes. However I have tried to import the ruleset from my previous installed final version via registry export/import (like described somewhere in this forum) however there was no rules editing possible afterwards.

I believe this is due to registry prodection perhaps?

What I would like to see is an integrated export/inport function on the application panel. This would make updates to new releases and multiple PC installations much easier! If it would be done as txt file it could be used to communicate and verify the ruleset e.g. in this forum and friends.

What do you think?

Best regards,


Yes. This is because of the registry protection. We will provide Import/Export functionality as well as an option to enable/disable registry protection in the future versions.

As a quick solution, you can kill cmdagent.exe, import new reg settings, and restart. But dont forget to restart because you wont be able to use Internet after killing cmdagent.exe.

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Egemen I succefully import the registry rules with the following:

  1. clicking exit at the firewall through the lanchpad icon.
  2. importing the rules
    3.lanching the firewall again.

With this no reboot was necessary :wink:

Hi Pan,

Which version do you have? With BETA, you could not have done so.

I have both official and beta in 2 pcs. And I agree that it can’t be done with the beta :stuck_out_tongue:

Egemen does this mean that CPF protects all the registry or only the CPF settings?

Only the keys that are vital for its operations i.e. service keys and program settings