Export/Import dialogs: version x32 bit

I’ve just tried to export my configuration and couldn’t see how to do it. I got to the Export/Import screen but couldn’t see what to do.

If you click on ‘Export’, ‘Select’ or ‘Delete’ you just get a balloon that says “Comodo - Optimum Security” as in the attached image. By chance I found that clicking on the balloon takes me to a dialog for saving the config. Clicking the balloon on ‘Select’ or ‘Delete’ does nothing.

I think this is a bug or some poor, non-intuative, interface design.

Version - the special release. 32 bit version
Standard install with Defense+, no options changed.

AMD Athlon 2.8G 1G RAM
XP SP2 plus all updates
Also running AVG 7.5 Pro

Bob Fearnley

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It’s not a bug, you can have several configurations, that’s why you get the menu when clicking on the action and “Comodo - Optimum Security” is the default configuration created when installing CFP. As for Delete and Select, those work only if you have more than one configuration, with Select you can switch between configurations, with Delete you can delete configurations, but you can’t delete the active configuration.