Export Configuration Settings

When trying to export my configuration settings for COMODO FIREWALL, I get a message stating that I must first run this utility in Administrator mode.

I am running 64-Bit Windows Vista, and I AM logged in as an administrator. I do have User Account Control (UAC) running, so when an application needs Administrator privileges to run, I get the typical prompts asking for permission.

To accommodate COMODO’s request, I checked the applications box “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”, and restarted the PC. That was a big mistake. PC would not restart properly, and most applications would not start properly. Fortunately I was able to get back to the application box and un-check that “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR” box, and restarted PC again. Now things are back to normal.

I am ASSUMING that as the PC was restarting, COMODO FIREWALL was unable to start properly because of UAC issues, and trying to run the app in administrator mode.

How am I supposed to make this work? I don’t want to have to turn UAC off, and I’m not sure I even want to try that again.


Welcome to the forum Daisey :slight_smile:

You have two choices disable UAC whilst exporting the config, or close the gui and right click on the CIS link on the desktop and choose Run as Administrator.


Right-clicking the link, and running as Admin did the trick. I never noticed that option in the right-click dialog box. Thanks!