export configs via command line

I’ve done quite a bit of searching and not found how to do this. I’m making a script to backup data and I’d like to save my configurations of Comodo for 1.) Easy restore in case of crash and 2.) Easy transference to other computers I work on (or am setting up). Since this is a script it would be best if I could use the command line. I use a modified Proactive Protection (I selected Proactive Protection when I set up Comodo then I modified it to my liking).

Any help would be much appreciated.

Which Language are you using?

English, 32-bit, Win7 (Sorry, Most of that’s in my signature on Windows Secrets where I normally post).

Not operating system, but script;

are you writing in batch? c/c++? etc?

Kind regards

Ah. I’m writing my script in AutoItv3 but I can always run a batch or vbs file from within it. AutoIt also supports running a command directly (as in the equivalent of opening a command prompt and typing a command). I just assumed there was some command line command to do this.

Ok; You can use batch,

For an example;

echo off
title Copying Configuration
echo Copying...
copy "%programfiles%\Comodo\PLYZ\PZYX.cfgx" "PLZX"

PLZX = the location you would the configuration file to be copied or backed up
PLYZ = the whether you have antivirus/firewall/internet security
PLZXX = the location you would the configuration registry entry to be backed up/copied
PZYX = The configuration file name
OR you may use *.cfgx as a wildcard to back up all configuration files;

To Restore

echo off
title Restoring Configuration Files...
Reg Import PLZXX.reg /F
copy PZYX.cfgx "%programfiles%\Comodo\PLYZ\PZYX.cfgx"

TO Restore; If you wish i can help you with that as well

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

By the way you may need to add your script to Exclusions/Trusted Files/Trusted Application

Yes please, this would be excellent, I have recently updated my system and like to restore the rules. However I would like to go one step further and only backup/restore certain rules and not the entire set. Can this be done?

I have had a look at the saved .CFGX (xml) file and see that particular sets or rules and/or specific rules are declared, however selecting those, backing them up and restoring those is something I would love to learn about.

Thanks for any help!

Hello TechnoSoul;
Which Programing Language Would you be using?

I guess AutoIt, I am new to programming but just started to study IT and at the moment learning Java so I guess AutoIt would be good for that no? Also there is this other tool REACT that uses AutoIt so this really, hehe, if possible.

I had this scenario for example.

When I set up CIS on a different machine I would for example like to select the uTorrent Predefined Policy and copy that over to the different machine without having to define the policy again manually and without interfering with the existing set of rules by CIS on that machine. So kinda a select → copy → install or seleclt → copy → paste line or processes.

It’s difficult to write such script; you may want to edit the configuration via CIS GUI then Export them and then use the above post to write the batch file and execute the batch file via AutoIt