export comodo settings ? are the full settings?


i comodo , i tried to export to my all settings

i exported comdo frewall security.cfgx

well i opened with my wordpad

i try to understand if comodo save the hashes/MD5 comde , i did not find them

does comdo export settings with md5/hashes of the programs like firefox, opera

I doubt this is in the right place for this question.

If the hash of a file is maintained by any component of CIS. it would likely be D+. The firewall concerns itself with controlling the flow of packets between you and the Internet. Not with any changes to a file hash.

well if i make a rule for firefox , and after 1 month i update firewall (i talking about the firewall) ,so a different exe , i guess comodo firewall should detect that the program is changed ,should not ?

If you mean you’re keeping the same version of firefox but a different version of the firewall, then no. Likewise, if you update firefox and it’s installation directory is the same, the firewall won’t make a fuss.

If you need something to verify the security of an executable, you need more than a firewall.

sorry i was not clear
i make a rule for skype for example with comodo firewall

do you know ,skype release updates time after time , when they found some bugs…

well i update skype to a new version

now the rule for skype made with comodo

does comodo use only the path to detect and apply the rules to skype ->for example C:\programs\skype\skype.exe ?

or does comodo use more then the path to detect and apply the rules to skype (updated) like hash ?

hope i was clear

sorry my english

If you use the firewall alone and the path remains the same, there will be no change.

As I said, if you need to detect a change in the executable (not path), you need something more than the firewall.