Export Comodo Firewall Configuration didn't backup ANYTHING?!?

I exported my comodo firewall configuration and when I import it, it didn’t update anything. It didn’t even change a single thing.

I have a lot of rules I need to restore because it takes a really long time setting it up.


Activate the set of your choice.

Its active already… comodo firewall. I import my backup and it replaces the original and then nothing changes.

I thought this is the same function to backup my firewall rules etc… As well as my new rules I create.


There is an activate button.
The line with active in it, is active :wink:

I know says active after I import yet nothing changes.

what’s the backup export used for if it doesn’t do what its supposed to?

export/ import to replace all current rules with my custom rules…?

export custom rules. then import to overwrite old rules and replace with new rules is how its supposed to work…

any help? I suspect the program is FAULTY.

I make my setting.
I backup the setting (the active one). Giving it a name.
Years later i import that file again.
Press “activate” after i choosed that setting in the list.

All is like i saved it.

What is faulty with that?

I think you backup the wrong file. Or activate the wrong file.
There are several settings. Its a list. You backup ONE of them at a time. And ONE of them is active.

I am afraid if you overwrite a active configuration it is likely to fail, you may even corrupt your active configuration trying this.

The only faulty part if any is where it is stored in the registry.


The logical part would be I first export my settings to file in perfect condition as the file remains in solid condition inevitably.

I reinstall windows or want to import the file to another computer. You would expect that importing the file in it’s good solid condition would be the proper way to do it since there’s no other option. Okay so I import it and the name of it was the same as the one running on at that time. The name of the settings/ configuration to backup is Comodo Firewall or whatever the exact name is I believe it’s “COMODO - Firewall Security”. I import the file which was “COMODO - Firewall Security” before it will want to ask to overwrite the existing “COMODO - Firewall Security”. Logic will tell you that’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish is replace my existing default “COMODO - Firewall Security” with the custom configuration of “COMODO - Firewall Security”. Comodo firewall is clearly aware of the logic and is clearly aware of what it’s about to do. Which is clearly to replace the existing configuration with the new custom configuration. I then accept it’s question “to replace existing” and it completes the replace of the configuration.

Logic would tell you that COMODO Firewall did in fact know that I wanted to replace it and it knew that it was going to replace the configuration and change the configuration of the firewall as a whole.

At that point not even a single thing changed, no matter how many closes of the program and computer restarts. The configuration still retains the default configuration and didn’t in fact replace the default configuration with the custom configuration.

If what your telling is correct, we should go AGAINST logic. Because COMODO - Firewall Configuration doesn’t rely on logic when it comes to overwriting the existing default configuration with the custom configuration. But rather we need to RENAME “COMODO - Firewall Configuration” prior to exporting to some other random name for COMODO to import it correctly?

Logic depends on the pre-facts.
A dog has four legs, it eats meat, it has fur, a tail, it can jump and run…
Now that fits to a cat. Is a cat a dog?

If you assume that there are default configs in comodo. You can also think that way, like i did, logical too:
I want my own config. I will call it “proactive (…) mine”. I will keep the default one, and i will have mine.
At that time it has been logical for me. And its still today.

There is not just one logic.

Furthermore, if comodo erased the default config by trying to save mine, there would be people who would complain that they cant return to default configs.

Now you know how it works. It just didnt fit to your expectation of how to.
If its not mentioned that the backup will fail with a default name, thats another story.

BTW to fix your problem:
The backup worked. Just give it another name when inserting. Its saved in your file allready :wink:

The default configs are presets.
If you change it, its not THE proactive/internet configuration anymore. Its yours.
If you remove all parts from a helicopter apart from the things that enable the flying mode, and replace them by a cat, its not a helicopter anymore. Its a helicat :smiley:

Yeah I see.

When I mean logic, I mean is the reasoning of an action will in fact do what it says outright or implies. Logic doesn’t so much rely on pure facts of reality and science but rather general strict principles of society.

Meaning when comodo firewall wants to replace another config with a new custom config, it would do exactly that. Logical by means of when something or someone says they will do something. Logic would tell you with reasoning by strict principles of society that we would figure he would do what he says he would do. If he says he wants to do something but unknowingly does the complete opposite. I’d say there was something wrong here. Instead comodo firewall doesn’t abide by what it clearly says it’s going to do. Clearly it says it’s going to replace it, so it should do exactly that.

For another example is if you have 3 shaped holes to insert 3 shaped objects. One hole is a circle, one is a square, and one a triangle. Would logic tell you that it would be ideal to insert the square object into the circular hole? No. Logic would tell you that it would be ideal to insert the circular object into the circular hole. That’s how it comes into play for comodo configuration import. Say the import function is the circular hole, and my actions would be to import I would insert the circular object into the circular hole to activate the sequence. Once comodo then initiates the import procedure it would request for me to insert the triangular object into the square hole to overwrite the current configuration. Sure it will fit, but will it actually work? No.

Instead I think they should have realized this flaw after how ever many releases and just made the project say “What the heck?” this program doesn’t work like that. We can’t replace the default config. It should have failed completely rather than allowing it but just not working at all.

I don’t think it needs to be discussed much more because we are all aware of the issue.

I’ll just change the name, which is annoying but I suppose it’ll suffice.

Thanks :-TU

Yes, it should not pretend without notification.
But as allways when its about configs, check with your own eyes!
Like that antivirus X, which enables the community features after you load your config or just make an update of th core program. Even if you set community features to OFF before saving your config.
Maybe i am just used to trust my eyes more than someone in teh internet :wink:

But for the other points:
A circular hole… replace that with preset.
I would not insert my config into the hole for presets.

I found that you can’t change the name of the configuration. All there is, is import, export, and delete.

The function simply doesn’t work on standard Comodo Firewall. I hate the new internet security. I had nothing but issues with it.

Hi chris89,
During export you can name the file and during import you have the opportunity to rename the configuration to your preference.

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