explorer.exe wants internet access

cable modem
running avast, avg, comodo boclean 4.25
no custom rules

I’m wondering why explorer.exe would need internet access. It’s parent is a little utility program called FastSwitch, which expands the ALT+Tab screen, but the last time Comodo asked for explorer.exe to have internet access, it said the parent program wasn’t running. It is listed (FastSwitch) in processes in Task Manager.

This problem starts whenever I try to “Search for Files and Folders.” The Search window opens but it’s blank.

The System Restore window is blank too, although Comodo doesn’t notify me of anything wrong with Sys Restore.

So thanks for reading this, and any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve run many different scans, online and resident, and turned up a few trojans, which I’ve deleted or safely quarantined.

Welcome to the forum jackstraw

me 2. How about this one?:

Because System Restore hasn’t changed any of its files since the latest Windows Updates, while explorer.exe has AFAIK…

Unfortunately, I don’t think any anti-anything program currently detects M$ as spyware :smiley: