explorer.exe tries to access &

Once in a while Comodo CIS alerts me that explorer.exe tries to communicate with &
(which are Comodo ip adresses)

Can anyone shed some light on why explorer needs to communicate with Comodo please ? I can imagine, Comodo software wanting to communicate with Comodo but why explorer ? and should I allow or block it ?

I’m using Comodo CIS 6.3.302093.2976 on Windows 7.
I checked for virusses and malware and everything, including explorer.exe is fine.


Looks like certificate revocation checking (requesting revocation lists from Comodo Certificate Authority). - ocsp.comodoca.com (ocsp is ‘Online Certificate Status Protocol’) - crl.comodoca.com (crl is ‘Certificate Revocation List’)

You’ll probably find explorer.exe does the same with other Certificate Authorities (such as Verisign) as well.

Thank you ! I didn’t realize. Strange I didn’t notice before.