explorer.exe tried to use svchost.exe through OLE Automation


Recently I reinstalled my winXp and have the latest version of comodo; when i log on, the message “explorer.exe tried to use svchost.exe through OLE Automation” pops up (i don’t remember that message from before) and i’m wondering if that could be suspicious; also i noticed recently that sometimes (when i check the traffic in comodo) svchost.exe is running besides firefox (ussually);

are those two things something that i should be worried about (i regulary scan with nod32, spybot, SUPERAntySpyware and get nothing).

i’m sorry if someone asked this before; i’m new to forum and did a quick check of FAQ, found nothing similar. anyway, i would be grateful, if someone could answer me.

thank you,

I think the OLE automation warning is due to some recent microsoft updates and is nothing to worry about: you should be safe to allow this.

The svchost.exe running at rhe same time as Firefox is also nothing to worry about.


thank you!