explorer.exe popped up in Safe Mode installing new software.........

I may have made a mistake. When using Safe Mode with D+ and installing new software. Are we suppose to choose treat this application as a installer/updater with explorer.exe and the same with the next prompt of the .exe of the software being installed? Because on the first prompt. I just clicked on ok with remember my answer staying checked. And then next prompt chose installer/updater. If I did ■■■■■ up and mess up on the first prompt. How would I correct this error by me?

What you did was fine the only thing I do different is untick remember my answer so not to add rules you might never use again.
Explorer just launches the installer it does not install the application.

Got ya. Learned some thing new. All this time I have left remember my answer checked. Is there a way to clear things up with that? I have installed quite a few programs over time…

p.s. With explorer.exe Do you uncheck remember my answer as well?

Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy
If you click the purge button it will remove entries for application no longer on your computer.

But for Explorer.exe this can only be done manually in Run a executable.

Getting back to explore.exe I came across a thread on here that advises it should be set to Windows System Application. Do you suggest that?

I would not set it has a Windows System Application this allows nearly everything.
You can set it as Trusted this nearly the same as Default setting in Safe Mode for Custom.
The only difference is Protected Registry Keys and Files/Folders are set at allow instead of ask.

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