Explorer.exe permissions and "My protected files"

Hi all!

This is pendent question already asked in this topic https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/defense_bugs_firewall_questions_in_cfp_3016295-t19233.0.html

Well, in “My Protected Files” I add “D:\Documents and Settings\Eduardo\My documents\My Softwares\Programs*”, but, I modified or removed some .exes, and Defense+ doesn’t alert me… In the previous version of CFP, any modification accidentaly made by me with explorer.exe in a protected file Defense+ alerted me… now not (:SAD) Defense+ was protecting me, too, from a mistake: modifying a protected file…

Was made any change in explorer.exe permissions in CFP If no, what’s happening? I shouldn’t change explorer.exe permissions to Defense+ alert me from a modification in “My Protected Files”, should I?

It’s makes a false sense of protection… (:SAD)