Explorer.exe doesn't start

I have an odd problem. ever since i installed comodo, windows explorer has failed to start after logon, rendering the computer unusable. oddly. Any ideas as to how to fix this problem?

i am running windows vista home premium SP2

Hi jack0203. I’m probably not much help to solve your problem, but I was wondering if you could at least manually start explorer.exe. By right click taskbar to open taskmanager then file, new task and put explorer.exe and ok. Not a solution but I thought it may help if it starts then at least it maybe usable. Hope you get other replies soon with more knowledge. Kind regards P.s don’t know if this link is of any help.

Did answer any Defense+ alert and block it?

If yes start your computer in Safe mode (F8) start the gui go to Defence+ \ Computer Security Policy and remove the blocked application rule.


@Dennis No i didn’t receive any alerts, but captainsticks’s advice worked, problem is solved!