Explorer.exe dissapears from D+ Active Procces List (v3.0.18.309, x32)[RESOLVED]

Hi all once again … finally i have decided to post this bug which has been creeping up on many occasions… here’s the screenshot… i hope its self explanatory…

[attachment deleted by admin]

But to be clear : The view active processes stops displaying explorer.exe and any subprocesses it has…

Using XP x32, sp2 with all latest updates. Comodo v3.0.18.309

I have come across this problem a no. of times before.

And i’m not reporting this https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/comodo_is_quite_dependable_for_now_resolved_for_now-t20707.0.html

bug since it has not crept up again after a reinstall… but the active processes bug just keeps coming back.

Will someone from the admin or mods plz post back??

Haven’t seen this one before. Suggest you change the title to something like “Active Processes doesn’t display explorer” so that some of the skimmers might take a look. If no one has a solution in a day or so, fill out the “bug reports” form in that section and move it there. :slight_smile:

no problem here with xpsp2 and comodo…

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No problems for me either. Windowblinds causes alot of problems if your using it. Also is your .NET framework up to date?

Hi StarryKnight,

Thanks to bringing it to our attention. Here is similar report and here is another one.

In order to research issue please include additional information:

  1. Intel Pentium 4 2.8

  2. Avira Antivir v7, windows desktop search

  3. Every once in a while the explorer.exe and all processes IT has started disappear… no specific steps… the prob just randomly shows up.

  4. Exiting cfp and restarting it fixes it, but it may show up again.

  5. Disabled image execution control in advanced section in d+, d+ in train with safe mode, firewall in custom policy mode.

  6. Using an administrator a/c

I hope thats enough info… i know i shud’ve pointed it out before…

@ Vettetech No i don’t use any software of that kind… silly nOOb stuff (:WIN)
And i have windows fully updated so i guess that .net shud be updated??

Honestly I love Windowblinds. I change the way my pc looks every week. Use a 3rd party process explorer. I love http://www.anvir.com/

i have process explorer from sysinternals for that matter… but comodo needs to be rid of these small bugs… i used to use windows blinds and stardock cursor xp when i had got my new comp… the good ol days… :THNK

@ MODS Please can u move this

topic too to bug reports section?

hi all… the problem has disappeared in v… ;D ;D ;D