explorer.exe blocked !

please see my firewall event log below. Does anyone know, what explorer.exe is doing?
The first destination address is from microsoft. Should I block this?

[attachment deleted by admin]

The bottom one is probably your loopback

If it’s sending to microsoft, you might have been doing something to trigger. Do you recall what you were doing when that hit happened, ex: installing anything or maybe using the search function?

Explorer is technically safe so you can set it to outbound, but if you don’t like MS getting anything from you, I’m fairly sure you can block it (I am) without much trouble (I don’t notice a thing). Unless you know… you’re using a service that needs it to connect for some reason.

edit: here’s some reading https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t6854.0.html

Make it Outgoing only. Thats what I have it set to in my pc. See here for any other questions. I can duplicate what you show by simply doing a Windows Search. BTW the link Oriour provided was before Comodo 3.0 was out and they are referring to Comodo 2.4.