Explanation at setup screen

The biggest reason of uninstalling Comodo Antivirus or Internet Security is “I scanned my computer.I am sure.My computer is infected.But Comodo did not detect any virus.So I uninstalled it”. There are a lot of videos about this.But most of Comodo users did not watched videos.If comodo explains what is differance detection and protection,what is auto-sandbox etc. during installition ,I think Comodo Antivirus and İnternet Security will be more popular.Even this explanation at uninstallation and setup screen it will better for Comodo.

Hi abrkackl,
I hear what you are saying, but there is already so much documentation clearly stating Comodo Internet Security strength is in prevention which is also documented on the homepage under features and FAQs.

Note: CIS is not intended or designed to be installed on an already infected system, Comodo Cleaning Essentials would be more suitable.

Just my thoughts, thanks.

Yes,but most of new user did not read them.Some of users dowloads it from download sites.Some of users clicks free products and free download.But every user should install for using Comodo.

I agree with my captain :-TU
Some computer users are id**ts… sorry about that but it is the truth.
Comodo can implement some explanation in the installation process…but users always do “next-next-next-finish” installation style.
So it will be useless, computer users should educate themselves about basic practices.

These are my thoughts,thank you.


maybe a different approach would be good.
You could make something like the Bitdefender Online Scan.
Then you could say use the Online Scan if you think you are Infected and install CIS for staying clean or something like that. Here we call that “Error 15” meaning the error is 15cm in front of the screen… :slight_smile:



CIS AV Database and CCE Database are the same and both of them use Online Scan during the scan. So there is no difference between them. If CIS couldn’t detect a malware then CCE or (Online Scanner as a standalone tool) couldn’t detect as well, that’s all.

Although I believe that CCE is very useful before CIS installation on an infected system. But if you really sense your system is infected, the best thing after scanning is set CIS somehow to restrict all unrecognized Apps. that’s easy to set.

Hi Wisdom,
CCE has additional MBR scan options and boot scan for hidden services and drivers which may otherwise be missed.

Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks,

Thank you for reminding. I know that plus other useful tools such as AA, KS, QR, Aggressive mode, etc. But before, detection is needed to clean an infected machine.
Anyway, unlike many users, I believe that CIS is one of the best products to install on an infected machine (of course not by default configuration) some changes are needed by user to monitor all activities and block suspicious ones.


I think I expressed myself the wrong way.
The Bitdefender Online Scan runs from the browsers, no install needed, with Bitdefender the Online Version is (how to say that) more up2date because it is updated in real time and you have to first download the updates for the installed Software.
Installing CIS or any other AV Software on a Infected system is not a wise decision because it gives you false safety, you don’t know what is on your system and how does it affect the AV that is being installed therefore you should use a Boot CD or you can use the Online Scanner.

After the system is clean you scan install CIS.

That is what I meant by different approach…



Hi LordRayden,
Thanks for your suggestions and I agree that installing any additional software on an infected system is not a good idea.

Just on that note remember CCE is a portable program and can be run from a external storage device.


You should install Chrome add-on for Bitdefender Quickscan.If websites can scan computer without add-on , there is very big security problem in browser.Hachers can use this and access files on computer.Bitdefender’s online scaners (Quickscan or 2-minute scanner) can make quick scan only.If pc is infected, quick scan is not enough.Full scan is required.Also CCE can run in agressive mode.CCE can run with cmd.CCE updates its database before scan.

If your PC is infected that the Quick Scan is not enough you should use a Boot CD…