??? PLEASE explain/expand on what is meant by Windows 2000 All! Would that include Windows ME?

I am stuck with using my old dinosaur for the foreseeable future and I really want to make it as safe as I can. I already use AVG Anti-Virus, but am thinking about adding a firewall for added protection.



Hello and welcome to the forums Rebecca :slight_smile: I think Windows 2000 All means that you can install Comodo 2.4 on all Win2000 installations (no matter which Service Pack you have - but anyway U should have SP4 installed)

I don’t know about Win ME though :frowning: It’s not on the supported list :frowning:

Just some info

V2.4 supports

Windows XP - 32 bit version Windows 2000 - 32 bit version Windows Server 2003 - 32 bit version

So I don’t think it supports windows ME, you could try though…


WinMe is the old Win9x architecture. No need to try IMO.