Experiencing unusual spikes in CPU usage

Hi, I’m not entirely sure which forum this thread is most suitable for (This is my first time using COMODO’s forums). I decided to place it here, because it may involved the COMODO Firewall and I do have an additional question regarding the firewall specifically.

My question regarding COMODO’s firewall specifically:

COMODO’s firewall often blocks an intrusion attempt automatically from the ip address: I checked the firewall events and every time both the source ip and the destination ip remain the same, however, the source pot and destination port sometimes changes. I’m wondering what is and if it’s safe to allow it, if it’s safe to allow it how can I stop COMODO firewall from automatically blocking it in the future? I looked up the ip address to see what it’s associated with and I’m still no sure I understand completely. I usually end the day with about 60-70 intrusion attempts per day blocked by COMODO Firewall originating from the same IP address:

My next question:

I recently downloaded a program called Revo Uninstaller. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove two browsers from my computer (Netscape and Navigator). Note: I used Revo Uninstaller to run both program’s personal uninstallers, I did not use any special features that Revo Uninstaller has. Additionally, I attempted to uninstall Netscape Internet Service, but I received an error. I was unsure if the error could be potentially dangerous or not, so I decided to just use System Restore to restore my computer to an earlier time (Before the removal of Netscape and Navigator). Upon doing so, I noticed that random, legitimate processes in my Task Manager would randomly have significant CPU spikes.

Before any of this occurred my CPU would typically fluctuate around 5-10%. After using System Restore my CPU reached as high as 80-100%. After leaving my computer sit over night my CPU would reach 20-50% (typically 20-30%). Some of the processes randomly consuming CPU include Avira’s Guard, Microsoft processes, Task Manager, Firefox. This anomaly occurs even after closing all open applications via Task Manager and leaving my computer idle on the desktop. What I’m wondering is: Could this have anything to do with COMODO Firewall’s settings, if not, what could it be?

Note: I posted this same situation on the Avira forums as well.

I’ve excluded Revo Uninstaller from being the potential cause. My computer is clean of malware (I ran full scans recently before this anomaly occurred with Avira Antivir Personal, Hitman Pro, and Malwarebytes). I considered using a program that specializes in root kit detection (i.e. GMER) then if it finds anything run full scans with the aforementioned software again to see if there’s any hidden malware that my security didn’t detect originally. Every time I use GMER my computer freezes and/ or crashes, though (I closed all running applications via Task Manager before using the program. Should I also be disabling all of my security (The software developer of GMER has never replied back to me before))? I’ve considered using Sophos, does anyone know if it’s good? I read it was a good program for the average computer user.

I eliminated COMODO Firewall as a potential cause of the spikes in CPU usage by uninstalling it, nothing changed.

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Those Ip’s are also part of your own private network.

Thanks for the response. I thought they might have something to do with my network and are safe to allow, but I wasn’t 100% sure. I didn’t completely understand the information I read regarding the ip address, but I understood it enough that I thought it was probably safe, however, I wanted to be completely sure.