Experiencing Big problem with

you can see what happened the first time i installed

I installed the new version again, and samething happens if I set it up to the EXACT same settings as I had set to. I’ve noticed System Idle Process when only the wallpaper loads is consuming 98% - 99% cpu cycles and cmdagent does load in the task manager

I’ve narrowed the problem down to one of these settings if enabled causes the problem where as in previous version i had these things enabled and never had a problem

Defense+ Settings = Block All known Requests if the application is closed
Firewall Attack Detection settings = Protect the ARP cache & block Gratuitious ARP Frames

in i had ticked those things to enable them. in this latest when those things are ticked I have the problem that i’ve detailed, i was only able to get into the desktop using safemode with networking then I untciked those 3 things and was able to boot back into windows normal mode. which 1 of those settings is causing the problem in this new CFP 3 version for me I don’t know as yet. but i’ve narrowed it down to one of those things. I will do some more reboots and tick them 1 by one till i can narrow down if its just one of those settings cause this unacceptable major problem.



I’ve narrowed it down to which setting it is thats broken for me and causes winxp to load only the desktop wallpaper and some services but nothing else like a usuable workable system and System Idle Process runs at 98% - 99% cpu in the task manager.

this is the setting thats broke in the new version for me → Defense+ Settings = Block All the unknown Requests if the application is closed

I’ve got it unticked now and things seem to be back to normal, but when i tick it I can’t finish or fully boot into Winxp among other things, in the previous firewall version I didn’t experience that problem with that setting ticked.

all the other options seem to be fine, just that one (:AGY)



Hi ron,

I have not tried ticking the "Block All the unknown Requests if the application is closed
" so far, so I can’t comment on that. But as far as I know, system idle process’s load means free cpu time. So the higher it is, the more cpu power you have for other apps. Mine is normally between 95% and 99% when Im just browsing the net.

I just read your comment, I’ve never looked at System Idle Process before prior to the incident.
I just had a quick look at it now in Task Manager and its at around 59% to 90%
so thanks for that Blas, I wouldn’t have known thats what that means until you told me :Beer

as for that problem when i have “Block All the unknown Requests if the application is closed” ticked, I have no idea why ticking it in this version prevents winxp from completing loading up :-
it worked fine in the previous version, but I’m not too fussed atleast everything is working fine for me if I do not tick it :slight_smile:

and thanks once again for pointing out that thing about System Idle Process :slight_smile:

The System Idle process is a special process that Windows runs when no other process uses the CPU. It’s actually a timed HALT loop that keeps the processor chip cooler than if it were running NOPs (and incidentally saves some electricity, too). The higher the process consumption, the less your CPU is loaded. IOW, it represents available CPU.

thanks for that pszwarc, :Beer