Experiencing a 'Run as Admin' issue

After recently installing updates for my Comodo internet security premium, I now have a window that appears on my screen every time I boot up asking me to choose which user account I want : “to run”

I can choose current user or admin.

Trouble is, it doesn’t matter which I choose, this issue is never resolved.
I am also experiencing a NSIS error for some reason.
Please Help, I have no idea why these are now appearing after updating Comodo. I don;t know what to do to correct his either.
Using Windows XP V 2003 Pro with service pack 3
Pentium 4
Gig of RAM
Please see the attached screen prints which show what i am seeing on my monitor.

[attachment deleted by admin]

What are you updating? Which version of CIS are you using?

My comodo internet security is set to automatically update. it was After one of those Comodo updates back in the last week of Oct. 2015 is when i noticed the issues first develop.
I am not upset with comodo, on the contrary i love comodo! I am just wanting to now if what i am experiencing might be caused by some thing in the update or not? or is there some other issue with some other program perhaps.?
See the attachment (s) look at the bottom of the screen print, in the tool bottom you will see several images of two monitors with red X over each of them! a window pops up and says, " local area connection, ’ a network cable is unplugged. "
Funny because this computer is not on a network! never was, and is in a home office. This computer gets onto the internet just fine, all bee it a bit slower than once was.

  1. So what does network connection issue mean?
  2. and why do I have so many images in my tool bar of two monitors with a red X through each one?
  3. should I be alarmed or not?...thank you

I am using : Comodo internet security premium, version

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