Experiences going from XP to Windows 7

To those of you that have changed from XP to Windows 7. What have your experiences been comparing these two in usability (ease of use), functions, performance, reliability, compatability with your favourite software, etc, and also is there anything in XP that you really miss, that is not in Windows 7? Does anyone regret the change? Thanks very much in advance for any comments or answers. Kind regards.

I moved to Win7ows pro, and it doesn’t have netmeeting. it includes desktop sharing that doesn’t require any kind of account.
for UAC, I set it to always prompt. I like UAC

if it evolves to prompt only when an executable requires a privilege, I may need not COMODO D+ any more.
( CIS will still have a merit though )
I think MS engineered windows to handle executable faster, and more. it’s fine when handling many executables on startup.
anytime I miss windows XP I use Virtual PC… w7 provides XP mode default. in sum : I feel fine with W7 for now

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