Experienced users...Do you enable cloud scanning?

I am only running CAV on my W7 x64 machine. Do you guys that have a lot of experience with Comodo’s AV enable the cloud scanning feature in the AV settings? And if so, do you enable the “send unknown files to the cloud for further analysis” setting as well?

I would appreciate a quick reason as to why you do/don’t enable those features…Thanks in advance!

Dumb question I guess? ???

I guess you are talking about the manual scanning, if it is that then I don´t. Because it will slowdown your scan, besides every unknown file will be submitted to the cloud. Go to “D+”, “execution control settings” “automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud”. It is on by default.

BTW i am not a experienced user :D. I have been using Comodo anti-virus for 5 months, since V5


I have cloud scanning enabled.

In theory, the cloud should be quicker for the newest malware signatures. The AV database is checked for updates every 30 minutes, but there can often be hours between actual released updates. I’m not sure the criteria for when a new database release is rolled out, but new signatures can be added to the cloud between database updates.

Me too, I leave the cloud enabled

Any file that becomes important, I put a password on it, The cloud can’t read the password protect file. A good example of files that are passwordprotected are Taxes (that need to be done each year by the way) :slight_smile: Your “will”, or maybe your copys of goverment documents of such

I also keep the cloud enabled.

Thanks guys, I enabled it here too.